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(N) Stiv Kuling's Honning
Born 14/7 2012

GSD-IV Normal after normal parents
HCM normal Aug. 2013 - Halldor Matre Skålnes

PK-def. normal - tested aug. 2013


 Our breeding male!

Honning had a really severe accident, and we had to amputate his absolutely stunning tale.  I's very sad, his tale was the longest and most fury I have ever seen!  It went all the way to his neck - so tick and fury.  He have completely healed after the surgery, and will still bee our breeding male, now with just a tiny little tail. 

Honning  is a wonderful boy, and I'm so glad he is living with us! I searched a long time before I found him.  There is so much that has to fit together when a new stud is planned.   My husband approved the purchase of a new male that could be fertile for a little while, but only because he wanted a big red lion on our farm!  OK - the hunt for a red male started. I'm not used to prioritize color, but now I had to. And there were a lot of red to see, but there is so much more than color that has to be right.  The pedigree is very important; he must not be related to my girls. I want a male with good temper, and he must have the qualities I need in my breeding.

 Honning is just perfect!  He will not be fertile for a long time, I'll use him on my girls, and then he will be neutered and live the free life on our farm.

Honning is PERFECT for us! His temper is more than I could have dreamed of, he is the most social cat I have had in our home. He becomes friends with everyone; both two and four legged, with his inviting, playful and socially very friendly behavior.  But he is an active gentleman, a little red ramp that is loved by everyone in the family.

 Technically Honning is quite strong.  He has very good length of his body, and a tail that is longer than long! He is now in full development, just 6 months old and he is extreme.  Specially his head is very long and narrow for the time being, but with nice, straight lines.  But his narrow head gives his big ears too little space, so they are placed too high for the time being.  I believe they will fall beautifully in to place when his head broadens with age, because he has super nice ears!  He looks a lot like his father, and have the same development as well.  His chin could have been better. The coat is promising, although it is still a bit kittens soft. He's a strong boy, and I think he ends up with quite a good size.  6 months old he weighs 4 kg, and he is just a red, skinny, long-legged bundle of energy.

  Thank you so much Vibekke for Honning!  I’m so glad he is mine.  He is a dream boy in every way!


1 year, and without his tale... 


9 months - with our hens, just before the accident.

A bit strange color on this photos, sorry about that. 


6 months - in the late evening sun




3-4 months



4 weeks