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CH (N) Cederskogens Milla Metal
NFO fs 09 22
Born 23/11 2012

Milla døde tragisk i en ulykke, hun ble påkjørt av toget rett nedenfor oss etter å ha gitt meg det flotteste kullet jeg har hatt så langt.
Hun skulle bli min kommende avlsstjerne, men sånn ble det ikke.

1 Year and 8 months

GSD-IV Normal after normal parents
HCM normal Aug. 2013 - Halldor Matre Skålnes

PKD-def normal from N/N parents


Milla is a beauty, all the details is correct on her.  She is a big girl, already passing Dixie and Briza in size.  Perfect head, wonderful chin, perfect ears, nice profile, wonderful coat quality, perfect eye shape - very good lengths and a really strong boning with big paws! Today (August 2014) she is still very unfiniched, her head is to small for her big body, and she is very much on the slim side. But I love her developement!     

It was a dream come true when Petra (Cederskogens cattery) used Mariskogens Cicer, Dixies big and beautiful son, on her new female D*Ruby av Härjedalen - Millas mother.  I can't express how grateful I am for Milla - she is a dream come true for me in every way!  

Thank you Petra and Kauko - for this princess!


1 Year and 8 months, and pregnant for the first time!

S*Cederskogens Milla Metall



Here she is 13 months old

S*Cederskogens Milla Metall

S*Cederskogens Milla Metall

10 months old

(N) S*Cederskogens Milla Metall

S*Cederskogens Milla Metall



8 months and on her way in to her first heat.  Impossible to shoot any good pictures of her inside the cat run.  



5 months, and outside hunting flies! 


15 weeks


 All photos below copyright Cederskogens

11 weeks

Milla with all her siblings



10 weeks



9 weeks



7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks



4 weeks